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    November 1, 2010 · Posted in Living Abroad 

    I remember growing up in the Middle East, living and breathing sun and sand. Compared to my life now in Manila, I miss the laid back life in Oman where people need not worry about traffic, or the hustle and bustle of a busy metro. You wouldn’t find towering skyscrapers, fast moving trains, and noisy speeding cars.

    Of course, one of the perks of living in the Middle East was having the best Shawarma. Nothing beats a shawarma made by an Arab cook. I have nothing against Arab food here, but eating an authentic Arab dish in an Arab land just makes everything perfect.

    The “Camel Crossing” road sign. You won’t find wandering camels in Manila. With the wide highways and sand all over, it would be a rare opportunity to find a camel crossing. You’d be lucky if you see one!

    Dates. I think that it only grows in the land of the Arabs. I’ve tried growing it here in Manila, but it couldn’t survive. I remember munching on dates soaked in honey, and waking up the next day with a foul stomach and an aching tooth. We usually bring the fruit back to Manila to our relatives. Everyone was so hyped and excited to taste this foreign find.

    Arabs. Of course everything about Arabia including the people makes me sop excited. The little kids in their dishdasha and abayas. Aside from all these. Going to the beach without paying entrance fees is the thing I miss the most. Coming to Asia, where every inch of the coastlines are converted into resorts, meaning you have to pay to sink your feet into the sand.

    Seriously, I’d exchange anything to get out of this chaotic city and get a life in Oman. But living in a fast paced urban city like Manila has its perks, Oman shows us that slowing down makes you enjoy life more.


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