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    • Filipinos in Thailand Visa-Run: Take Extra Care

    • By oly   September 3, 2013 ·  
    • In Thailand, if there are thousands of Filipinos already acquired working permits, there are also hundreds of them who are under transit visa. Transit visa is the type of visa we get from the airport or from any gateway upon entering a country.
      Not only Filipinos do this everyday, there are also people from other nationalities. There are several agencies in Bangkok for everyday visa-run. Most agencies use van (mini bus) as their primary vehicle and other agencies use double-decker bus.

      Everyday, hundreds of Filipinos go out of Thailand to Cambodia for a visa run. When they enter back Thailand, … Read More

    • OFW in Thailand Supports Pork Barrel Protest

    • By oly   August 29, 2013 ·  
    • The hottest issue this week is about the law to abolish Pork Barrel. Many Filipinos are against it but millions are for it. The Supreme Court decided to abolish Pork Barrel System as it has paved corruption by the government officials who are holding the fund. As seen in the Philippines, it has not developed for a long period of time. Although the government has allocated millions of budget for the local projects, still there are no development. Why? Many local citizens were asking why our road is still not fixed, why the bridge is still broken and many more … Read More

    • Janet Napoles Surrenders

    • By oly   August 29, 2013 ·  
    • After Philippine President Aquino announced on Wednesday that there will be P10 Million reward for someone who could lead the government to the arrest of Napoles, she herself surrendered to the President in the Malacanang Palace evening of the same day. Presidential spokesperson said that Janet surrendered in Malacanang at about 9:37PM, Wednesday, August 28.

      Janet Napoles was allegedly branded asĀ  the P10 Million Pork Barrel Scam mastermind and is the brain of Benhur Luy Kidnapping. Luy is her cousin who was working as her personal assistant in her company. When she learned that Luy wanted to engage in the … Read More

    • You’re Caught Finally

    • By oly   August 28, 2013 ·  
    • Approximately 3 months ago, rats started to come to our Lab and ate everything they could eat. Every morning the maid had to clean all its droppings and leftover. They destroyed most of our light equipment. They made a hole in the ceiling and if that hole is sealed, they would make another hole so that they could still come to the lab in the night. They even destroyed our AC. They had successfully penetrated into our Prep Room and had made at least 3 holes in the sealing. All these three holes are in the spot where they could … Read More

    • Top 5 Jobs of Filipinos in Thailand

    • By oly   August 28, 2013 ·  
    • Hundreds of Filipinos come to Thailand every day and maybe half of them remains here to look for jobs. Here are some ideas of what are the common jobs of our Kababayans here in Thailand.

      1. Teacher – majority of Filipinos here are teachers. They may be deployed in Government schools, bi-lingual schools, private schools or international schools in different levels like kindergarten, primary, secondary and university level.

      2. Office Worker – some of them are office workers. Huge internationally owned companies prefer to hire Filipinos because they can speak, read and write English.

      3. Nurse – a number of … Read More

    • Science Bulletin for Secondary

    • By oly   August 27, 2013 ·  
    • I know there are many Filipino Science Teachers out there in many parts of the world. Working overseas is very difficult. I just want to share some ideas in making Science Bulletins. Yes it is difficult to think and is very time consuming. Yet the outcome might be good and worth reading.

      In this opening of the School Year, here are two ideas on how to boost the life of your Science Students.

      1. Welcome back Students – for the first week or two since the school opens, a good bulletin that welcomes all the students can be put up. … Read More

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